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Go-UPC are experts in product data. Our barcode search engine gives you immediate access to data for products, books, and retail items from all over the world, and with our API or bulk-lookup service, you can leverage this massive database to power your own business or application.

Search using any UPC, EAN, or ISBN

Most products in the United States and Canada include a UPC, a 12-digit number that appears just below the barcode. In other parts of the world, it's more common to see items packaged with an EAN — a 13-digit code, which otherwise works just like a UPC. This includes products in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and beyond.

Our barcode search engine supports both UPC and EAN, as well as ISBN, the International Standard Book Number, which you'll find on books almost everywhere in the world.

Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay — it's all here

Looking for products from a large retailer like Amazon or Walmart? Got an item from Target, Lowe's, or Kroger that you're trying to find?

Our UPC-lookup service reaches companies and stores large and small. Whether you're dealing with items from a global grocery chain like Walmart, or your local "IGA" supermarket, we've got you covered.

And our data isn't limited to just groceries; we cover all categories and industries. Here are just a handful of the types of products you will find on Go-UPC:

  • Books, music, and other publications
  • Wine, beer, and other beverages
  • Clothing, shoes, and apparel of all kinds
  • Toys, games, and collectibles
  • And many other sectors

Worldwide reach, international support

You'll find that most large barcode databases become very limited as you begin to look up products outside of North America — outside the US and Canada specifically. This is not the case with Go-UPC.

Go-UPC aggregates product data from six continents. Whether you're searching by UPC or EAN (GTIN), from Siberia or the Australian Outback, chances are you will find it here. Go-UPC's reach isn't limited to the United States, Europe, and Western countries. Asia, Africa, and South America area all within reach — as well as the nooks and crannies everywhere in between.

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