Product API


Go-UPC's API makes it easy to programmatically access information on products from all over the world. This documentation provides the details you should need to navigate our product database.


We use an API key to verify requests. You should have received an API key when you signed up. If you've lost your API key or need a new one, please just send us an email.

Go-UPC provides two methods for including your API key when making a request. For simplicity and testing we allow you to include your key as a URL parameter; however we recommend the alternative method for production implementations, which involves passing the key via an Authorization header.


Method One

The API key must be included in the URL as the key query parameter.

curl "<api_key>"

Method Two

The API key must be part of the of the HTTP header as a Bearer token.

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer <api_key>"


The number of lookups you're able to perform via the API varies depending on your plan, as do offered data formats and support options. See the table here for specifics.

Developer Startup Enterprise
Lookups Per Month 5,000 45,000 300,000
Available Formats JSON JSON, CSV JSON, CSV, XML
Customer Support Limited email support Email and phone support Email and phone support

In addition to monthly limits, you're permitted a maximum of 2 requests per second. If you need a higher rate-limit, please contact us.


Note: All API endpoints require authentication using your API key, which you should receive upon registration.

Get Product Info


GET /v1/code/:code

Description Searches for the product using the given UPC/EAN/GTIN.
URL Parameters
code [required string] — Any valid UPC, EAN, or GTIN code.
curl "<api_key>&format=true"

200 OK

The response contains JSON of the product corresponding to the provided code.

  "code": "829576019311",
  "codeType": "UPC",
  "product": {
    "name": "Goodfellow and Co No. 01 Blue Sage Tonka Texturizing Fiber, 4 Oz.",
    "description": "No. 01 Blue Sage and Tonka Texturizing Fiber from Goodfellow and Co gives you...",
    "imageUrl": "",
    "brand": "Goodfellow and Co",
    "specs": [
      ["Item Form", "Clay"],
      ["Liquid Volume", "4 Fluid Ounces"],
      ["Scent", "Lime, Amber"]
    "category": "Hair Care"
  "barcodeUrl": ""
Error Responses

400 Bad Request

The provided code is not in a recognized format.

401 Unauthorized

Access to the API is denied due to failure to authenticate the request.

404 Not Found

No product information was found for the given code.

Sample Code

Want to see example code for an API call? Here are sample API integrations for Python, Node.js, PHP, and client-side JavaScript.

Want to see sample code for another programming language? Let us know.