Global Product Information at Your Fingertips

global product information

With our extensive coverage of over 500,000,000 products (and growing), you can utilize our database to find information on almost any product in any industry, especially hard to find products and international products. Our metadata is the most extensive you'll find anywhere on the web.

Leverage Go-UPC A few ways customers like you make use of Go-UPC.

Gather missing product data

Improve inventory management

Build product lookup tools & apps

Populate e-commerce backends

Rich, Structured Product Data

Structured data

Go-UPC data can be highly-structured, but we can help simplify it. To find a product, use any UPC, EAN, or ISBN. You can also perform a reverse search using ASIN, Model Number, SKU, among other attributes. We can even support aggregate requests for products that match a certain criteria.

  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Image
  • Attributes
  • Brand
  • Ingredients
  • Dimensions
  • Volume
  • Pricing Info
  • Category

Look up thousands of products at once

Do you have a spreadsheet of SKUs but the product data is a mess? Then our Bulk Lookup Service is for you!

Bulk product lookups

We provide the ability to look up thousands of products at a time in a single and straight-forward manner with our Bulk Lookup service. There's no commitment or technical requirement to get started. Just send us a list of barcode numbers, and we'll send you back the sanitized product details. A perfect solution for drop-shipping, liquidation, and re-selling.

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Integrate the Go-UPC API into your app or website

Easy API integration

Are you building a product-enabled application?

Automating and connecting with the Go-UPC API is the ideal way to enhance, acquire, and support all of your product data needs. Get fast and reliable results from our API which has access to our entire database of products. We also have an SDK samples in various popular programming languages, available conveniently in our documentation. Radically speed up your integration process with our provided example code snippets, available in Python, Node, traditional JavaScript, and PHP. Getting started is easy, customizable, and free to try with our 7-day trial, available to all new users.

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