Lookup Barcodes for Niche Sectors and Industries

Unlike some barcode databases, which are often limited to particular types of products, at Go-UPC we work tirelessly to cover as many industries and sectors as possible. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the kinds of products you'll find in our database and via our API:

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Barcodes for beer, wine, and spirits

With the timeless culture surrounding wine and spirits and the growing interest in craft beer, alcohol is enjoyed and consumed widely and in a variety of different social settings. Given its global relevance, we've made sure our database includes results covering brands in beer, wine, liquor, and other alcoholic drinks from around the world.

Here are some examples of alcohol listings that can be found using Go-UPC's barcode-lookup service — selections our team can vouch for, we might add:

These are but a handful of the alcohol-based products you'll find in Go-UPC. The full inventory includes millions of items from dozens of countries.

Electronics and technology barcodes

Technology is ubiquitous with modern life. Cell phones, computers, and other technology devices are used both recreationally and in work settings which makes Go-UPC a great option for both external and internal use cases, like customer relations and office management respectively.

Our technology barcode listings include consumer goods, like laptops and televisions, as well as video games and consoles. Results for technology products include:

Barcodes for books and publications

While Amazon is now synonymous with e-commerce, the company started as an online bookseller in 1995. Amazon remains one of the most popular websites for buying and selling books, but many booksellers continue to manage their own purchasing and distribution and often maintain large inventories for both virtual and physical storefronts.

Go-UPC can help booksellers locate ISBN barcodes for a variety of publications including novels, children’s books, text books, and more using our bulk lookup tool. Results may include:

Music barcodes including CDs, vinyl records, and other media formats

Despite all the audio and video streaming options available to consumers, there remains a strong — and perhaps growing — demand for supplementing on-demand digital media with the tactile experiences of decades past.

At a time when streaming platforms, like HBO Max, are removing shows and movies from their libraries, there may also be renewed interest in purchasing DVDs by consumers, like Slate writer Torie Bosch, who find themselves wishing they hadn’t purged their DVD collections.

We have a wide selection of music, television, and movie-related UPC codes which include results like:

Other product barcodes available through Go-UPC

Not seeing a use case for the type of barcodes you need? We also offer UPC, EAN, and ISBN codes for a number of other niche industries including:

  • Food and grocery
  • Herbal and nutritional supplements
  • Collectibles
  • Children’s toys and games
  • Clothing, shoes, and other apparel

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