Basic Books The Associated Press Stylebook - (Paperback)

Photo of Basic Books The Associated Press Stylebook - (Paperback)


Book Synopsis Master the style guidelines of news writing, editing, and common usage with this indispensable guide perfect for students and professional writers everywhere. The style of The Associated Press is the gold standard for news writing. With the AP Stylebook in hand, you can learn how to write and edit with the clarity and professionalism for which their writers and editors are famous. The AP Stylebook will help you master the AP's rules on grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviation, word and numeral usage, and when to use "more than" instead of "over." To make navigating these specialty chapters even easier, the Stylebook includes a comprehensive index. Fully revised and updated to keep pace with world events, common usage, and AP procedures, the AP Stylebook is the one reference that all writers, editors and students cannot afford to be without.

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Photo of Basic Books The Associated Press Stylebook - (Paperback)

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