Barcode Number Validator

Validation of UPC and EAN Barcode Numbers

All UPCs are 12-digit numbers, but not all 12-digit numbers are valid UPCs. This is because every UPC has what's called a "check digit", which helps to catch errors like typos and provide some degree of confidence that you're actually dealing with a UPC.

EAN codes are similar. Though they have 13 digits, they too have a check digit to help weed out errors.

Just because it validates...

...doesn't mean that it is an active UPC! That's right; a lot of 12-digit (and 13-digit) numbers will validate as a "valid" UPC (or EAN), but that doesn't mean the code has actually been assigned to a product. That said, the number could be assigned in the future, and someday it may get slapped on a product.

If you're wondering what product a particular number is associated with — if any — you can always plug it into our search form to check against our database of millions of UPCs.