What is Go-UPC?

Go-UPC provides access to product data for items sold all over the world. We offer a number of tools for accessing that product data, including an API and a Bulk Lookup Service.

What kind of product information do you provide?

Go-UPC provides product images and most standard product fields — name, brand, category, barcode number, description, ingredients, and more.

Go-UPC also provides additional fields and ‘structured metadata’ for most products — like dimensions, net-content, packaging info, etc. The particular fields available can vary a lot by industry, however.

If you have particular data needs or questions, please contact us.

What kinds of barcodes do you support?

Go-UPC can provide product information for the following barcode formats:

  • UPC (Universal Product Code), also known as GTIN-12
  • EAN (International / European Article Number), also known as GTIN-13
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
  • EAN-8, also known as GTIN-8
  • GTIN-14, a 14-digit barcode used on shipping boxes and containers

You can learn more about the various barcode formats we support here.

Should I sign up for the Barcode API or Bulk Lookup?

If you want to integrate product information into your app, website, or other software, then check out our Barcode API.

If you have a list of barcode numbers but need product name, image, description, and/or other product metadata check out our Bulk Lookup Service.

How can I acquire a UPC or EAN for my products?

Go-UPC does not sell barcode numbers, but you can find some resources here that may help.