Announcing Product Ingredients Support

Swift on the heels of the New Year, Go-UPC is pleased to announce the latest feature for our product database — ingredients!

Users of Go-UPC's API and other product-data services have a diversity of needs, but one of the most common requests we've had is for ingredient data. On that note, we're excited to now include this in our standard set of fields.

Food & Grocery, Health & Beauty, and More

Obviously ingredients don't make sense for all products, but for the industries and categories that are relevant Go-UPC will now provide listed ingredients — whenever available. Here are a few examples:

Ingredients data is available when searching for products via our website, through our JSON-based API, and with our Bulk Lookup Service.

And given that Go-UPC provides access to the largest repository of product information in the world, we don't think it's a leap to suggest Go-UPC provides access to ingredients for more items than anywhere else.

More Features for 2024

As we look forward to another year of building the world's best database of product information, we already have several additional features in the works. Here are a few: keyword search (the ability to search by product name and other attributes), reverse barcode-lookup, and new “structured” data fields (like weight, volume, container info, and more).

In case you missed it, some recent additions that we already announced here on our blog include support for both EAN-8 and GTIN-14 barcode formats.

Stay tuned and as always feel free to reach out if you have specific product-data needs; we're always looking for ideas and input.